Each Month two (2) MERRAG members volunteer to be "On Call" to respond in the event of an emergency. The "Primary" and "Secondary" on call volunteer takes on the responsibility of responding to the request or incident and activating other volunteers as needed.

2017 Primary/Secondary Contacts

Month              Primary                     Secondary

January             Tom Schleck                Sue Ziliotto

February           Carrie Haffner              Mike McCaleb

March                Sue Ziliotto                 Warner Owens

April                  Dave Boyd                  Tom Schleck

May                  Mike McCaleb               Dave Boyd

June                  Dave Boyd                  Sue Ziliotto

July                   Phyllis Marble              Mike McCaleb

August              Tom Schleck                Troy Harris

September        Mike McCaleb             Phyllis Marble

October             Dave Boyd                  Carrie Haffner             

November          Tom Schleck               Carrie Haffner

December          Mike McCaleb              Dave Boyd


MERRAG van keys are exchanged the last Thursday of each month and kept for the following month.

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