Wildfire Preparation: Ready | Set | Go

Two sessions (similar content) are available to help you be ready to protect your family and belongings in case of wildfire:

COVID Readiness

Community partner SB Bucket Brigade has produced an excellent video summary of how neighborhoods can activate to safely support one another at the most local level. The segment running from 14:00 to 27:30 contains very practical—and safe—ways to reach out and support one another.

1/9/18 Debris Flow

Glen Oaks resident Chris Wilkinson and his son Kai profoundly illustrate the essence of MERRAG—readiness making a vital difference in times of need—in their poignant short film (10:27) of that harrowing night and its aftermath.

KEYT followed up with a segment (3:12) featuring Kai as he reflects further on the experience dealing with disaster.

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