Dec 02, 2008 at 02:29 PM

MERRAG Steps Up to Assist During the Tea Fire


MERRAG members showed what they are made of the night of the Tea Fire. Montecito Fire activated the MERRAG Response Team at the start of the fire, and they remained activated throughout the duration and into recovery efforts. Jane Dyruff, a local Montecito Resident and MERRAG team member, led the troops by coordinating the activation and response efforts of the volunteers. After setting up the Montecito Fire District "District Operations Center (DOC), MERRAG response team members transitioned to Manning Park to assist with staging of incoming engine strike teams. MERRAG volunteers have assisted with traffic control, sand bag filling and distribution, communications, and information dissemination throughout the event. Montecito Fire and the Community of Montecito are proud of the response team efforts. 

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