About Merrag

MERRAG (pronounced Mirage) utilizes the CERT curriculum to create a network of trained volunteers. These volunteers generally work and live in the Montecito area and are prepared to respond to a community disaster during the critical first 72 hours following an event. Since 1987, the mutual “self-help” organization has been serving Montecito’s 9,000 residents with the guidance and support of the Montecito Fire, Water and Sanitary Districts.

In 1993 MERRAG became a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit public benefit corporation, sponsored by Montecito Fire Protection District, Montecito Sanitary District, and Montecito Water District. Subsequent tax deductible gifts have allowed MERRAG to acquire equipment and other resources for use in disaster recovery. Now more than 60 institutions and home owners associations, plus MANY individuals at large, comprise this volunteer network.

MERRAG is a 501(c)(3) organization Tax ID: 77-0339622.


The Montecito Emergency Response & Recovery Action Group (MERRAG) is an official volunteer auxiliary of Montecito's three public service agencies.  We exist to provide crucial personnel and communications support in the event of a community emergency.  

Readiness: We participate in training and certification for response and recovery teams, and community preparedness education. We operate and maintain a UHF Community Emergency Radio System and a Community Emergency Resource Inventory.  

Response: In the event of a community emergency we assist as requested with the set up and operation of the Fire District’s Emergency Operations Center. This includes but is not limited to staffing, supplementary radio communications, and field support such as triage, emergency traffic control, and damage assessment.  

Recovery: We assist the Special Districts and the citizens of Montecito in documentation and process support for post-disaster recovery.


  • Support the Fire District in its response to life threatening situations
    • Coordinate support activities with outside emergency services
      • Muster and organize local resources
      • Maintain a reliable private radio network and communication system
      • Train community volunteers in disaster preparedness and recovery
      • Minimize property damage through education
      • Assist with community damage assessment
      • Help qualify for disaster relief funds.


Membership connected by two way radio network of 34 institutions and associations

Mobile communication vehicle with emergency power for service anywhere in the Montecito community

Emergency supplies and equipment

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