This is the 2019 President's annual letter. We hope you will be inspired to join the effort (scroll to bottom for donation options).

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Dear Neighbor,

Glen Oaks resident and MERRAG member Chris Wilkinson and his son Kai profoundly illustrate the essence of our vision—readiness making a vital difference in times of need—in their poignant short film of that harrowing night of 1/9/18, and its aftermath. (Watch both clips at

2018 was an epic challenge to Montecito’s resilience. You did not get a letter from us that year. Some healing was needed before we felt it timely to get caught up on our finances, to reach out again and invite your continued help being prepared for—oh, my—the next disruption.

But resilience and self-reliance are what we’re all about. Here are some of the ways that’s achieved.

MERRAG for You

  • Personalized official info at the Upper Village kiosk when threats loom
  • Red-flag trailhead staffing for fire and rescue prevention
  • Radio support for traffic & parking at Raising our Light, Beautification Day, Bucket Brigade, Fourth of July Parade and many other gatherings
You for your Family & Neighbors
  • Attend 2nd Thursday CERT-plus trainings (see reverse)
  • Ensure your neighborhood has a monthly-tested 2-way radio
  • Join the all-volunteer MERRAG team by sending in your tax-deductible membership subscription (envelope enclosed)
  • Donate above-and-beyond*

For over 30 years the knowledge that we could easily be isolated in case of disaster has inspired you and your neighbors to be generous in funding this remarkable joint effort. Let’s keep up the good work. Let’s be like Chris and Kai.

Troy Harris, 2019 President

* - One of this year’s initiatives is to replace our aging radios, and expand the network to as many neighborhoods as possible.

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MERRAG operates on memberships and donations from the community. Your contributions help fund important resources used throughout Montecito including the MERRAG Communications Van and UHF Radios.

MERRAG is a 501(c)(3) organization Tax ID: 77-0339622.

You may use PayPal to pay annual dues and/or donate. If you live in an identifiable neighborhood (eg, Middle Rd, Riven Rock) or are a member of a Home Owners Association, or are contributing as a business, enter that name in Affiliation below; otherwise leave Affiliation blank.

Cell (or Home/Work) Phone
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Donations in amounts or for purposes other than shown in the dropdown above should be made by cash or check and mailed to:

595 San Ysidro Rd
Santa Barbara CA 93108

Donations can also be made through Cars for Causes. For more information on our Cars for Causes benefit, click here.

We are grateful for your support of the MERRAG mission!