Montecito Emergency Response & Recovery Action Group

MERRAG!  (pronounced Mirage) is a network of trained volunteers who work and live in the Montecito area. Members are prepared to respond to a community disaster during the critical first 72 hours following an event. Since 1987, the mutual “self-help” organization has been serving Montecito’s 9,000 residents with the guidance and support of the Montecito Fire, Water and Sanitary Districts. 

Find out more about MERRAG and how you can help yourself help MERRAG.


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  • May 08 Thu

    MERRAG Emergency Traffic Control Training

    MERRAG is often called upon to assist Law enforcement with traffic control, including community events and emergency situations. Attend this session to learn basic traffic control techniques and sa...

  • Jun 12 Thu

    Create Your Personal Wildfire Action Plan

    In this unit you will learn:

    How to create a Defensible Home (READY!)
    How to prepare your family for evacuations (SET!)
    Information on what to put in your Go Early Checklist (GO!)

  • Jul 10 Thu

    MERRAG Activation Training

    Learn what is expected of MERRAG volunteers during Red Flag/Fire Weather activation

  • Aug 14 Thu

    MERRAG Radio Carrier and Van Training

    Learn about radio and battery maintenance. Radio terminology, and practice communications during this session.

    Learn the basics of operating the MERRAG Communications Van.

  • Sep 11 Thu

    CERT Unit 2: Fire Safety /Fire Extinguisher training

    In this unit you will learn about:ï Fire Chemistry: How fire occurs, classes of fire, and choosing the correct means to extinguish each type of fire.